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THE HUB urban ministry

a Christ-centered non-profit organization that exists to bring true
freedom to the poor, addicted, enslaved and exploited.


About Us

The Hub has two main focuses in our city


People in material poverty face more than just the stresses of what they don’t have. They are also caught in life controlling addictions, isolated and lonely, and feel that they have no value and worth. They are often purposeless and hopeless. The Hub: urban ministries exists to walk those in poverty through a process that gives them hope, friendship, community, a place they belong and the skills needed to become self-sufficient, which brings them value and worth. We want those in poverty to discover all that God made them to be: happy, whole, healthy, free, self-sufficient and walking with Him. The Hub uses an earning based approach to ministry. Our model teaches the value of hard work, participation and being held accountable. Those that we serve are the heroes, fighting against insurmountable odds to see their lives truly changed.


Women and children in the sex industry live their lives as a product, a commodity. They are exploited, undervalued and in bondage to the life of the industry.  They are not free.  Purchased: Not for Sale understands the world of the sex-industry and its deep effects on the women and children trapped in it.  Over the past 3 years Purchased has worked with over 150 women from the sex industry and been extremely successful in giving them the chance to find their freedom in Christ.  Purchased: Not for Sale exists to LOCATE, LOVE and MOTIVATE women and children of the industry and victims of sex trafficking.  We locate them where they are, come alongside them and give them unconditional love and friendship and motivate them to seek the life that God has for them.  Through Purchased: Not for Sale, women and children can find freedom, full restoration, joy, self-sufficiency, independence and worth.

Click here to find out more about PURCHASED.

People aren't stats but here's some anyway

Outreaches Per Month through the hub
individuals registered in The Lovewell Center Program
women and children reached each month through purchased
women have left the sex industry through Purchased
We would love for you or your group to join us in serving.


We offer several ways for you to give


Become a donor today! You can give through this website or you can give by check or cash! You can make all checks payable to The Hub: urban ministries and mail them to ATTN: The Hub, 4110 Youree Drive, Shreveport, LA 71105.

Donate Online


We want to serve with you!  Every week there are opportunities for you to come and be a physical part of change!

See Event Schedule


We need your stuff! You can donate items Monday, 1-5 pm and Tuesday-Thursday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm at 605 Cotton St. We are in need of non-perishable food, hygiene products, clothing for men, women and children, laundry detergent and everything else under the sun!

  • “The greatest thing I have learned serving with The Hub is that God is not looking for qualified people - He's just looking for people willing to go, willing to do what He asks you to do..."

    Patt Sutton · HUB Volunteer
  • "I have learned that in order to reach the lost and hurting, it is all about living life beside them."

    Lauren Patton · PURCHASED Volunteer
  • Working with the homeless and the impoverished population teaches me about myself and grows me spiritually every week. I have the privilege of seeing scripture played out right before my eyes. I see His provision, His protection and His grace and mercy all over this ministry.

    Cheryl Danzell ·HUB Volunteer

THE Lovewell Center

605 Cotton st shreveport la




The Lovewell Center is The Hub’s primary outreach outlet.  It is a pay or earn business model ministry that teaches concepts of earning, participation, accountability and self-sufficiency.  Inside The Lovewell Center are four businesses where the physical needs of the poor can be met:  The Dresswell, an apparel store, The Eatwell, a food pantry, The Smellwell, a Laundromat and The Drinkwell, a coffee shop. 

Those who come through the doors are registered for a "Lovewell Card" and given opportunities to earn points through a semester system of classes and meetings. As they earn they can then use their earnings to shop in any of our four stores. Nothing we have is free, but it’s freely theirs if they earn it. This model challenges the entitlement mentality and teaches each person that they have value and worth and can do whatever they set their mind to.

cassie hammett
myles roberts
John Robertson

Classes offered

Discipleship Program

A weekly group study of scripture. This class goes through one book of the Bible at a time, teaching those who attend how to study scripture and apply it to their lives.

Jobs for Life

This class teaches crucial job skills through the lens of the Bible.  It teaches the value of work, how to get and keep a job and why working is a gift, not a curse.  Those who attend this class are given direct access to job leads through our community partner Goodwill Job Industries.

Financial Literacy

This class teaches the basic skills of spending, budgeting and saving. It teaches those who attend that God gives us resources to steward, and if we are good stewards of those resources He will continue to bless us. The end goal of this curriculum is for those who attend to not only learn how to manage their money, but to do that in such a way that they can then begin to give some away.

Celebrate Recovery


The Lovewell Center partners with this region’s Celebrate Recovery group to offer a weekly meeting in our building.  This group is for anyone struggling with any life altering addiction.  It teaches the principles of freedom from Scripture and empowers people to live a life free from the bondage of addiction.

Serve 101


This class teaches that we are each called to serve.  We look at the life of Jesus and how He came to earth to serve.  Each week we load up the bus and travel to a church or area of our city and serve them.  This teaches the concept of the once “served” now serving.  We serve churches that serve us, areas of town that are in need and other non-profits.

Art Class


Each week participants are able to work on a project together or on their own.  They are creating art and learning how to express themselves.



In partnership with BPCC, The Lovewell Center is able to provide a fully certified GED program. Monday through Thursday classes are held for anyone working to get their GED.

Building Maintenance

This class is a weekly opportunity for those in The Lovewell Center program to clean the facility and work on projects around our building. It gives them an invested interest in what we’re doing and teaches them to take care of what they have. Those who help clean earn points.

Our team

cassie hammett
Cassie Hammett
myles roberts
Erik Wright
The Hub: Assistant Director
John Robertson
LeAnn Moore
Purchased: Assistant Director
Weston Brown
Weston Brown
Church Relations
Taylor Harkins
Allie Carter
Assistant to the Director
Amanda Linder
Myles Roberts
Staff Pastor
Sarah Teutsch
Abbie Miltenberger
Volunteer Coordinator
Bridget Lee
John Robertson
Lovewell Center Director
Leann Moore
Sarah Teutsch
Lovewell Center Assistant Director
Sarah Teutsch
Bridget Lee
Purchased: Rejuvenate Director
Bridget Lee
Amanda Linder
Purchased: Rejuvenate Staff
Leann Moore
Paige Holcomb
Purchased: Program Director
Sarah Teutsch
Cat Troquille
Purchased: Recovery Program Director
Bridget Lee
Amanda Pope
Purchased Staff

Have Us Speak At Your Next Event

The Hub staff loves to teach about what we do! We have individual speakers on staff who can come to your next event and speak, or we can come as a team and provide the worship and the teaching!

Would you like to request a speaker? Click here for topics and information.

Keep in touch
605 cotton street shreveport la
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What do we believe?

We believe in the one true God and His son Jesus Christ. We believe that true freedom both physically and spiritually can only be found in Him through the power of the Holy Spirit. We believe that Jesus came to earth, lived and died on our behalf, to give us access to a relationship with God and abundant life. We love Jesus, how He loved, how He taught, how He healed and how He committed His life to seeing freedom come to those who were in bondage.

Why do we love the poor?

We love the poor because God loves the poor. We love the poor because we understand that we were once poor in our own right, and were found, rescued and given life. We love the poor because they are God’s children and no different than you and I.

What makes us different?

The Hub believes in friendship and community with the poor. We have seen that true life change can not happen outside of the context of relationship, with God and with others. Our model is an earning based model. It is designed to teach responsibility, value, worth, ability and accountability. Nothing we give is “free”, it is all there for those who are earning it. This gives them incentive, hope and excitement that their hard work is allowing them to purchase what they need.

What populations do you serve?


We serve the homeless, the working poor, families in poverty, at risk children, addicts, prostitutes and anyone who finds themselves without what they need physically, spiritually or emotionally.

How are you funded?


We are funded 100% by private and community donations. The Hub does not receive any local, state or Federal grants to fund our ministry. That means we need you!

What do I have to do to volunteer?


Sign up through this website. You will then begin receiving weekly schedules of outreaches that you can be a part of. Pick one and show up! All prep work is done when you arrive, all supplies are provided for. You simply serve.

Is it family friendly?


Every outreach on our weekly schedule is family friendly. We encourage you to come as a family and expose your children to what God is doing in our world.

What are the goals of The Hub in the lives of the people we serve?

Success to us is different for every person. We want to see those addicted walking in freedom, those who don’t have an education given the opportunity, the unemployed working again and those without a home housed. Our greater goal is that when each person arrives at their finish line with our ministry, that they are holistically different than when they met us. We want full, happy, free people who are employed, housed and self-sufficient.